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"Imagine the craziness if Beck, Bjork, Mika and Flavor Flav decided to form a band and you've stepped inside the mind of The Kazoo Funk Orchestra. Despite the Funk in the name, this isn't some awful Seventies infused Afro-wearing combo. There's more hip hop, Talking Heads and Depeche Mode than Earth, Wind & Fire in the KFO. The 25 songs that make up the Glaswegian nine-piece indie pop group last for only a minute or two and titles include A Swatch O' The Happenins, Fire In My Fungus, Roasted Underbelly and Keep Your Hard Hat On. But there's brilliance in the bizarre: The art rock of Rustle The Trees, the Joy Division meets Kraftwerk of She's A Little Angel, the Linkin Park of Information In Formation. And are there kazoos? Oh yes. Midnight Finger Painter is out now."

- Rick Fulton, Daily Record (March 7, 2008)