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Katie Ruvane is an indie-folk singer/songwriter from small town NJ, now based in Nashville, TN. At the beginning of 2018, freshly graduated from college, Ruvane partnered with production company Lost Harbor Music to break ground on her debut album, The Lines. After months of recording and completing her first solo tour in summer 2018, the 22-year-old songwriter began releasing the full-length record as three-part EP series. Part I, Ruvane's first official EP, premiered on Billboard on September 25.

"Take notice: versatile and elegant, Ruvane’s voice flows beautifully through her acoustic-electric soundbeds. It’s feathery in the upper register, hazy and world-weary down low..." — Chris Payne, Billboard

Less than a month later, Ruvane released Part II with a second premiere by Billboard.

"More delicate and minimal than the first round, Part II showcases the New Jersey native's ear for picturesque arrangements and heartfelt narratives..." — Chris Payne, Billboard

Ruvane's final installment of The Lines record, Part III, is scheduled for release this November.