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Karla Adolphe is known as a powerful and dynamic singer, who brings award-winning songwriting and her enigmatic personality to every performance. Over the past six years, Karla Adolphe has toured North America in a 40ft RV performing in Jacob and Lily, The Emporiums or as a solo artist. She is a seasoned festival workshop host and participant, prides herself in being a respected vocalist and songwriter and is enthusiastic about engaging the audience in spontaneous creativity, often writing songs and sing-along parts in the midst of her performances. In May 2012, Karla released Honeycomb Tombs, an album inspired by and devoted to the process of grief. The album will be available for free with the hopes that it is viewed as a resource for those in mourning. In September 2011 the song You Are Mine was licensed to the CW's Hart of Dixie in the pilot episode. The song has now been included in the home DVD package and official soundtrack.