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Kamber is a singer/songwriter recently relocated to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A preacher's kid and native Texan, Kamber grew up on the sounds of country and gospel music, both genres heavily influence her music today along with jazz, pop and r&b.

Kamber established a love and gift for music at a very young age and continues in that passion today as a private piano and voice instructor.

"In 2015, Love & Christmas was my "Hail Mary" gift to the world, a dream that after years of wishing and hoping, I finally mustered up the courage to make happen. What started as an idea on a creative and meaningful gift to present to my family for Christmas, quickly became so much more to me. It was accepted with so much love, so much joy, and I could not be more grateful for the support I received from this small, but to me significant project. I've always said, if my momma is the only one who likes it, then that's success. In any case, what I make comes from my heart. 2016 has brought some major life changes for me. I've seen some lows, been on some highs, but more than ever am so humbled to share this gift with the world. Hoping you love all the at times cheesy, mostly country, homemade musical goodness that this is as much as I do. Once again, with all my heart, Merry Christmas."