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We have all been blessed with talents and gifts. We as humans have the choice as to how we go about using them. Do we use them while demonstrating humility in a way that can positivley impact others? Or do we arrogantly and foolishly flaunt our talents around like they haven't been given to us as gifts in the first place? Maybe we aren't even aware of the gifts we have or maybe we are aware and we choose to let them go to waste. All of our talents and abilities are precious gifts from above. We have been given these unique gifts for a reason. Deep down we all know that we should use our talents and gifts to positively impact others, spread love, and make the world a better place. It can be really easy for us stay in our comfort zones and wait around for opportunities to come our way. Leaving our comfort zones to use our precious gifts for good takes courage. So what are we waiting for?