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Justin Cross is a Singer/Songwriter from Birmingham, AL

After releasing his first full-length album Listening to Ghosts in 2010, Justin Cross started reworking and perfecting his homey, folky sound; quickly realizing a maturity that few songwriters of his age possess. His songs speak of hopeful realism, of spiritual struggles, and of a desire to affect the world in a positive light.

In 2012, Cross released his official follow-up EP, Another Winter, to resounding critical approval and further developed his keen sense for contemplative songwriting. After a successful, fan-funded IngieGoGo campaign at the end of 2013, Cross released his second full-length album, Hope Where It Lies . Cross says, “It is one of those records that resonates with different people in different ways. Some people may be dealing with the same cynicism I was and I want them to see that the world isn’t as much of a lost cause as they suspect.” - Matt Sanderlin -