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This album is a love letter to the slice of life simulation games that got me through adolescence. Especially Animal Crossing and MySims; two franchises that brought me joy, bittersweet nostalgia, and shaped my personality perhaps more than any other games have.

Animal Crossing and MySims spoke to my desire to have somewhere that I belonged. A place where everyone knew each other and genuinely cared for one another [even if they keep trying to sell back the gifts I gave them from the kindness of my heart :’((( ]. They helped a younger me get a better understanding of his own emotions.

The past several years have been chalk full of anxiety for me. For most of my life I have found comfort in the conviction that the world is getting better; that my generation would be the one to finally shift the power imbalances that keep so many impoverished and oppressed. Now I’m not so sure. I find myself once again looking for a place to belong in a world that is a lot messier than I realized.

Lemonpepper became my place to channel that uncertainty. Making this goofy, marimba-heavy music brought me a lot of comfort over the past few months. I hope it can bring some comfort to you too <3

-Drew (aka Juniper Tapes)

A huge thank you to my pal Cory Martin for creating the album cover! You can find more of his work at