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Label: Love Nations Productions Genres: Pop, Brazilian Release Date: Nov 17, 2012 The Fatherhood of God leads us to maturity and trains us to the destination. Jesus moved with the tabernacle he moved with the cloud of paternity because he walked only with the Father. In the Cloud we find DIRECTION - where I go, the PROVISION - how I will go, and PROTECTION - who guards and protects me , and GLORY - the destination reached. And the Fatherhood of the Father served as a witness among the nations of the earth (Numbers 14:14). The Cloud is the Father. I pray that this CD will feed, educate and view many little ones in nations that God has already taken me and those He will take me, but more than that, I will keep running the big race to see the justice of Heaven established here on earth through His Kingdom of Love. "... and they shall know that ye are my disciples through love. "