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Juliana Hale was created to be on stage and in the studio sharing her voice and heart with the world. From the moment she starts to sing, something magical ignites in a room. With a rich alto voice and unique style Juliana immediately captivates anyone who hears it. Whether on stage with her world-class band, sitting at home on her piano or writing a song on the bus with her guitar, Juliana’s heart beats to music.

In January 2018 Juliana released her pop single “Overated” from her forthcoming EP “Small Talk”, produced by Grammy Award-winner Skidd Mills as well as Independent Music Award winner Billy Dawson. Co-written with Noah Henson (producer of Kane Brown’s debut EP, Closer / Christian rock band Pillar), the danceable song is based upon the petite singer’s own heartbreaking personal experience, showing her penchant for poignant lyricism and upbeat musicality.

Working many hours with Tom Jackson of Onstage Success, Juliana’s live show has transformed into a magical experience for the audience, full of energy and engaging moments. Juliana performed at the Leather & Laces Super Bowl pre-party this year, hosted by Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy, performing alongside Flo Rida, Brandi Cyrus, and DJ Automatic. The promoter for the event from 3Thirteen Entertainment, Ryan Darnell, had this to say about her performance “I was skeptical at first, as any studio can make an artist sound great… then I heard her voice during sound check and the hair on my arms stood straight up and from there I was a believer!”

Originally from Southern California, Juliana’s family made the move to Nashville to support her musical journey in 2010. In 2013, Juliana released her first EP “Dance in the Rain”. She was excited to share her songs with the world until she hit an unexpected roadblock - a chronic intestinal disorder that would control her life for the next two years. As her dreams were put on hold, seeking answers and treatment options, Juliana spent countless hours with vocal coaches, reclaiming her voice and working to find her sound and heal her instrument. By October of 2016, Juliana’s sickness eventually ended in surgery, allowing her to get her health back on track. With sickness no longer consuming her life, she was able to continue pursuing her dreams, releasing her next EP, appropriately titled “TIME”.

“When I look back on this time where I was struggling, I can see God’s hand and realize there was a blessing waiting for me, I just had to be patient enough to find it. During my sickness, I had plenty of time to write music. I wrote over 250 songs during those two years. I played my guitar until my fingers bled. I became a much more skilled musician and I knew that I was going to beat whatever this ‘thing’ was that was stealing my health and dreams. I was determined to get out there and share my music with the world,” says Juliana.

Juliana is feeling better than ever and pursuing music full-time. Having made the difficult choice to walk away from over $600,000 in scholarships to prestigious, private universities last year, there is no question that Juliana is giving 100% to make her dreams a reality.