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With a unique ability to draw the audience in, Jon is known for his soulful vocal styling and diverse range. Having performed on both television and live performances, Jon demands the stage, leading the band with an ease only gained through an intimate understanding and relationship with the music. A tribute to rockabilly, rock and roll, classic rock, country and blues, Jon's unique sound has earned him recognition both for his performance style and original compositions.

Jon formed The Oklahoma-based Trio, Jon O'Neal and The Rumours. The band has played a diverse array of venues in their native Oklahoma, including bars, clubs, restaurants, festivals, the State Fair, television spots, and contests. Their initial self-titled 2014 EP, Jon O'Neal and the Rumours, features original compositions "Egomaniac", "Separation Blues", and "Voodoo". After endeavors at Berklee College of Music located in the heart of Boston, Jon reformed a group with new material written and a new sound, bringing back the sweet sounds of 50s inspired rock and roll and the blues. Jon's much anticipated debut album, 'Songs from a Broken Heart,' is available now.