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Jon Lima ( formely known as JayL) has been a proven artist since the early 2000, he was known as drummer, rapper, and graffiti artist in Miami, FL. He embodied the arts through the genre of hip-hop. While some people may argue that for years hip-hop and the arts have been disassociated, Jon Lima begins to make their alliance relevant again. Furthermore, including an ‘’underground sound’’ that provokes us and pushes us into a place of reflection. He began doing gigs in the Miami area which lead him to start a hip-hop group in little Havana, Miami. They were embraced by the Latino community in south Florida. In 2006, he moved to Charlotte, NC, joined a group called BBE click, and released a couple projects and two compilations albums with a group he cofound called, Justhis league. In the meantime, he completed a solo project, called Instrument of God. The mixtape consisted of rhymes in English and Spanish. His song production and promotion lead to performances over the east coast and midwest.