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Tough to describe and tougher to classify, Gibson's a white guy who sounds like Stevie Wonder, and a songwriter who seems to effortlessly just pour out songs that are bursting with a mission of justice and ministry and a singer with freestyle vocals skills comparable with singers like Ella Fitzgerald. Jon, who pioneered Christian rap, racked up 22 Top 5 Hits, 9 of which rose to #1 on the C.C.M. Billboard charts. Jon’s album Forever Friends was voted the 1992 C.C.M "Album of The Year" and his album Jesus loves Ya was featured in TIME/LIFE's "100 Greatest Albums In Christian Music". His song Jesus Loves Ya still holds the record for the longest playing single at no.1 in Christian Music history. Growing up was not easy for the right-brainer as he ran the mean streets of San Francisco at just 13 years of age and soon found himself in the San Francisco Youth Guidance Center later to become a ward of the state and sent to a foster home. Jon made a fresh start in the U.S. Army in Germany which proved to be a good decision. After returning home from the Army, Gibson knocked on the door at Warner/Electra/Asylum where he was signed to Dick Griffey's new Constellation label, a subsidiary to his mighty SOLAR label known in the music industry as "Motown's second coming". with artist like Jodie Wately, The Whispers, Shalamar and Baby Face. Jon's debut as a singer/songwriter came as a guest vocalist and songwriter on 3 songs for The Jackson's keyboardist, Bill Wolfer's solo project entitled "Wolf" on the Constellation label. The album was a Smooth Jazz hit. The album included a host of great musicians, including Michael Jackson who sang background vocals for Jon's Wolfer collaboration "So Shy". Wolfer returned the favor the next year by producing Gibson's debut album, Standing on the One. It was a fine debut, showing that Gibson was more than just a Wonder-clone, and that he had songwriting skills to go with that great voice. The album was released in 1983 along with and MTV2 World premier video single "She Told Me So". During the recording sessions of Standing On The One, Jon met his musical idol, Stevie Wonder who dropped by the studio to meet Jon. During this time, Christian labels were courting and Jon soon became torn between his desire for pop stardom and the need to give testimony to his faith, so he signed with the Frontline Christian label for On the Run, a partial re-release of Standing with a few new cuts, including the #1 smash hit "God Loves A Broken Heart." Four more Frontline albums would follow along with a string of hits that seemingly wouldn’t stop; Change of Heart (featuring M.C. Hammer), Body & Soul (featuring Stevie Wonder), Jesus Loves Ya and Forever Friends.In in 1995 Jon got married and had a son named Jonathon, launching his own label called New Soul Records under the Brainstorm/Word umbrella to release the album Love Education. Although the album rendered only one top 5 hit, Love Education is considered by many to be his best and most eclectic work to date. But Jon wanted more exposure so he moved to Nashville to seek a new record deal which he found with the Gospo-centric label's newest off-shoot B-Rite Music/Interscope/Geffen/A&M. After the birth of Jon's second son James Gibson, Jon released his 8th solo album entitled The Man Inside. But the label would lose the backing from interscope/Universal to promote the record and so Jon moved on as an indie producing and releasing Soulful Hymns in 2001. After Jon's youngest son Jesse Earl Gibson was born on Christmas day in 2004, Jon became a licensed minister and began leading worship locally and touring churches and conferences and performing on Christian based television shows across the country and in Europe. Jon was a frequent guest on TBN helping to launch their studio in Milan Italy. Jon was hired by the artist Prince to be the house band for his private Golden Globes after party, performing with Herbie Hancock, Justin Timberlake and Maroon 5. In 2012, Jon released independently, a tribute album to his father Stan Gibson who nurtured his Christian faith. Jon is currently the Music Director of CSN Radio (KAWZ) and Effect Radio (KEFX) which is the largest independent radio network in the world today with 450 FM full-Power and translator stations. Throughout his career, Jon Gibson has straddled many musical styles and confounded those who tried to label him, creating consistent, original music. While this lack of categorization has limited the promotion of his career, was pop or urban radio really ready to play a blue-eyed soul singer who sang about his faith? None-the-less, it has gained for him a sizable and fiercely loyal following along with a catalog of really wonderful music. If you don't have any Jon Gibson music, then you are truly missing out.