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Singer/Songwriter JONAVI was born in the city of Cebu, Philippines. From the early age of 4, she discovered her love for singing. Taking note of this, her parents enrolled her in a performing arts program called the "Center for Pop Music". Although she may have been born in the eastern hemisphere, JONAVI found inspiration in American artists like Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder, Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake.

In the Fall of 2001, JONAVI and her family packed their bags for America, where they settled in the beautiful state of Maine. At the age of 10, she began writing songs not only for herself, but for other artists' albums as well. She also took up classical piano, which she studied well into her teenage years. Pop music simply wasn't enough for JONAVI, as she branched out into theater and even took several lead roles in Gilbert & Sullivan operettas.

In 2012, JONAVI decided to pursue her career in music as a solo artist. "If I Ain't Got You," the sultry R&B ballad made famous by Alicia Keys, was the selection for her first solo performance. Continuing her musical exploration, she discovered K-POP, a popular musical genre that takes its roots in South Korea. JONAVI had a desire to share this unique culture with English-speaking fans; this desire led her to create English versions of Korean songs, ultimately leading to more than 100,000 views in just a short amount of time. Her covers have even been covered by other YouTubers.

In the summer of the same year, she made the move to Dallas, TX, where she began attending a university. It wasn't long before she was asked to sing the National Anthem at various sporting events and numerous campus events, including the highly competitive Music Business Showcase and the BSM coffeehouse. JONAVI also began serving on the executive board in her sorority Sigma Chi Eta (who just might be her biggest, and loudest, fans).

JONAVI released her original song "If I Were" in early 2014, having created the entire song from the ground up. From there, everything began to take off. Performances became a regular occurrence for her. JONAVI became involved with Kollaboration Dallas, as well as GRAMMY U®. She performed at various venues, from local coffeehouses to the House of Blues in Dallas. She will soon be taking the stage at "Fashion for a Passion", an annual fashion show hosted by Against The Grain Productions.

JONAVI is currently working with producer and songwriter JOEYpore on her debut album. Her first single “Not for Me” is scheduled for a wide release in early 2015, and has already received much critical acclaim.