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Serenata de la Sirena (The Mermaid’s Serenade), by composer and classical guitarist John W. Warren, introduces a new voice in classical guitar with nine original works as well as gems from the Latin American guitar repertoire. Serenata de la Sirena’s contemporary guitar compositions are rooted in the romantic tradition of Latin American guitar with pieces such as the title track, “Nisene (Dream in a Forest),” “La Noche Triste,” “Mapa de tu Corazón,” “Saudade,” “Nana da Lua” and others. The album also features “Berceuse a Jussara” and “Afro Sambas (Consolação/Berimbau/Canto de Ossanha) by Brazilian guitarist/composer Baden Powell, Venezuelan Antonio Lauro’s “La Catira,” as well as the Cuban lullaby “Drume Negrita” and an arrangement of the traditional English folk song “Scarborough Fair.” All songs composed by John W. Warren except as noted.