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Thank you for pulling “The Move” and checking out my debut EP.

Bringing this music to life for the first time has been an incredible jouney. I’ve been in a serious relationship with these songs for the past few months and the result is everything I dreamed of and more. So exactly what's the genre of my music? My good friend, Dan Pellarin, said it best. "The songs on this record are like five great friends who are very different from one another, but when they come together, they truly feel at home with each other, and there’s no place they’d rather be.”

A big thank you to everyone who helped make this happen. Thank you Mom, Dad, Dave, and the rest of the family. You guys are my rock. I love you all. Thank you to my friends who have provided so much support from the first day I started singing; you make writing music worth while. A BIG thank you to everyone who contributed to my Indiegogo campaign. Your contributions gave me the momentum to release this record the way it was meant to be released. Thank you to the entire 4118 crew for letting me crash on your couch the entire summer, while Andrew and I worked all night every night, looking at a computer screen, messing with noise. A huge thank you to all the musicians who helped shape the sound and feel of this album. I am truly blessed to know so many ridiculously talented people. Finally….Andrew, Noam, Bill, you guys are the greatest. We made something really really cool.

Enjoy the music.