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Johnny Appleseed was founded in 2012 by a group of young musicians in Nashville, TN who just wanted to play good music the way it is supposed to be played. Johnny Appleseed aims to capture the sounds and styles of Bob Wills' western swing, Ray Price's country shuffles, and Elvis' early hard hitting rockabilly, mix it all up and deliver it with a contemporary flair to a new audience.

Lead singer and songwriter Andrew Hunt's crooning vocals hearken back to country stars of eras past, with lyrics and song craft that cut with the edge of modernity. Guitarist Mark Sloan, fiddle player Casey Driscoll and Brett Resnick on the pedal steel each represent the best of their respective instrument the burgeoning young Nashville music scene has to offer. Put them all on one stage and you have something great; harmonized lead lines, ripping solos and fantastic arrangements abound with this “hillbilly orchestra.”

Johnny Appleseed released their first EP January 28, 2014. It features three original songs recorded to vintage 1-inch tape at Americana music luminary Tony Joe White's private studio. This noisetrade exclusive download features two additional songs that showcase the band's varied sounds and high energy performance.