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These songs (from my first collection of Patreon-exclusive demos creatively titled, Demos - Series 1) are a good representation of the spectrum of sounds I share with my patrons each month.

"One Good Eye" is a song I wrote for my daughter Maggie who, because of a rare genetic condition, only has vision in her right eye. This is a song about being grateful even in the midst of loss. The demo recording comes from a live performance I did for a video about the song (click "video" above).

"Jacob, Jacob" and "John the Baptist" are both songs inspired by Bible stories. I really love taking a well known story from Scripture and retelling it through a song, because if you can help people see familiar things in a new light it can bring life and meaning to something that might have seemed dull before.

"Orphan Song" came out of my own feelings of anxiety and loneliness. Writing this song gave me an opportunity to tell myself something I really needed to hear. This demo track was recorded in my home studio and comes complete with layers of background vocals, electric guitar, and bass.

My Patreon page is my Songwriting Diary. I post demos of new songs every month along with audio clips, pictures, and videos that explore my creative process. If you like these songs and want to learn more about becoming a patron, visit