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In 2015 I ran a campaign on Kickstarter to fund the recording of my first studio album, Things New & Old. One of the backers who helped make the campaign a success was my friend David Kim. David is a corporate executive, accomplished cellist, and radical disciple of Jesus. It's no wonder then, that he's also a big supporter of artful Christian music. As a reward for his support of my Kickstarter project, I wrote David a custom song. I'll let him tell you about it:

"I asked John to write a song based on my testimony ( I had become familiar with his singing and songwriting through our collaboration on The Lamb Wins, and I really respected and appreciated the distinctive way in which he combines Biblical and musical insight to convey deep meaning to the listener. I knew that he would be the right person to memorialize in music my experience of embracing God and faith for the very first time at the age of 36 despite having grown up in the church.

"I was struck by how he had identified elements of the lives of Samson, Jacob, and Jonah and told a composite story which perfectly mirrored my own. His inclusion of the cello in the instrumentation was exemplary of the type of musical insight that he brings to all of his music (I am a former professional cellist). He brought all of these facets together into a whole which in just a few lines captures my life of Congenital Christianity followed by the powerful heart conversion and re-birth which I am living today.

"I want to thank John and all of his collaborators in producing this song. Just call me grateful, and I hope you are too after you hear it."