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Kings Dream Entertainment recording artist, John Givez, released a new free EP titled, “Mind Over Matter.” The EP is unique, defying conventional musical categorization by moving effortlessly between hip-hop, R&B and neo-soul.

Givez drew upon his own personal experience for the EP’s inspiration, “I wanted to explore what happens when your heart belongs to Jesus, but your mind is still in what seems to be chains.” Givez feels strongly that there are many others who can relate to that tension, “I’m not saying I’ve got the answer; this is just the soundtrack to the struggle, for the struggle.”

If there is one thing with which Givez faces little struggle, it is the creation of music, “John is a great rapper, great singer, he can lead worship, and is one of the most humble and teachable young men I've ever worked with,” said Ruslan, who is an MC and President of Kings Dream Entertainment.

Givez and Ruslan began working together on various projects for theBREAX. Those projects gave Givez an opportunity to hone his skills and explore his musical tastes and talents. “John is a huge asset to Kings Dream, having worked with us for several years now on various BREAX projects. He continues working hard in and out of the studio,” said Ruslan.

The quality of Givez’ work inside the studio is evident throughout the 11 tracks and 2 bonus tracks on “Mind Over Matter.”

Givez is able to translate his work ethic and talent outside the studio, as well. Added Ruslan, “He's a pillar in his community when it comes to building bridges with the non-churched and is making an impact that is far deeper than music.”

Ruslan summed up his feelings about “Mind Over Matter” and John Givez very clearly, “I’m excited and humbled to be a part of this process. We are all very excited for what the future holds for him and Kings Dream.”