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The fourth independent release, this album is the Texas-based songwriter's deeper dive into an Americana sound that is seasoned with classic country cadence, gritty rock, high-up-on-the-hill bluegrass, spicy zydeco, and the good ole gospel.

The spark of inspiration for Terlingua Taproot stems from conversations I had with a friend – a brassy artist-rancher type - who owns a place on the outskirts of Austin named Terlingua. He challenged some of my writing (something like “this sucks” was said), and that became the splash of cold water I needed at the time. We should all be so blessed to have such an honest friend!

The themes of Terlingua are laden with the paradoxical stuff of life, and I'm convinced that one of our purposes is learning to navigate its contradictions - the joy of finding a lover; the disappointments of that same lover; the heat of rage that pushes us to losing control; the guttural laughter experienced in good company. It's a constant task that requires grit, compassion, good friends. . . . and a nice cigar every now and then (wink). As you take in these songs, I hope that you will find resonance and peace on this journey of life as you go. Thank you for listening.