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Over the past decade and a half, Joe Pisapia has been a member of alt-pop favorites Guster (and produced their Ganging Up on the Sun and Easy Wonderful records), toured with k.d. lang (and co-wrote and produced her Sing It Loud record), and produced albums for a wide variety of artists including Ben Folds Five, Anthony Rapp, Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors, Matt Wertz, and more. He’s also found the time to release two collaborative albums (one with Liz Hodder and another with Kate York) and two solo albums (Daydreams and Nightvision).

This September, Pisapia will be releasing his third solo album, the adventurous and intimate Connection. Ahead of the record's late summer release, don’t miss the opportunity to grab his new lead single “Feels So Good To Be Understood” on this exclusive NoiseTrade EP. Rounding out the sampler’s tracklisting are 6 other of Pisapia’s hand-selected back catalog classics, including songs from Daydreams (“Sometimes,” “Swimming Song,” and “Dancing Partner”), Nightvision (“Get What You Want” and “Suitcase and Guitar”), and Beautiful Mistakes (“I’m Gonna Wait”).