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Hey guys!

I’m thrilled to announce my 2nd full-length studio album, entitled Our New Moon, will release this Fall! To celebrate the upcoming release, I'm offering you the opportunity to get a copy of my first full-length album - Taming The Wind - here on NoiseTrade.

Check out my PledgeMusic artist page to view all the items available for pre-order. I’ve handpicked some pretty cool and unique things that I hope you’ll enjoy! Everyone who pre-orders now will get a digital download of the new album once it’s ready to share on September 29, 2017. With every pledge, you'll also receive instant access to view special performance videos from my studio, hear unreleased demos from my writing process, check out exclusive photos, and receive behind the scenes updates along the way. Pledging your support means you will be fully immersed in my album release and you'll help me bring these new songs to life!

Please join me on this exciting journey by pledging now – thank you for faithfully supporting my music!