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After almost two years in the making, our album Terra Incognita was released on February 17th via Bad Mascot Records. It's our second full length record and features 12 tracks showcasing our diverse influences and 'genre blending' sound, which we prefer to call 'Post Motown Folk Rock'. We are from Michigan after all!

To me, music is about connectivity: the way we connect to a particular song or the way we connect with a message, concept, or feeling. Most of all, music is about the way we connect with each other and our experiences together. Maybe those connections happen at a show. Maybe they happen through a car stereo on your way to work. Maybe they happen late at night, under the covers, with headphones on. I've never been very good at talking, so I've opted to speak my mind through writing songs. My bandmates do the same with their instruments. This is how we best connect with other people, and I truly hope—above all else—that you are able to connect with this record on a personal level. It’s an often mentioned stat that music sales are in decline and it’s true, it seems like no one buys records anymore. But for an up-and-coming band with six touring members, that revenue goes an extremely long way. If you're short on cash, please stream or torrent it, but make sure to share with your friends! From the bottom of our hearts, with love, forever, and in soul, Joe, Pinetop, Kevin, Aaron, Ryan, Micky, and Kim!