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Joanna Paz has often been referred to as “Peace Child” which is quite cool given that her last name literally means “peace.” It is no surprise, then, that her constant longing for the Prince of Peace fuels her passion to see peace in her own life and in the lives of those around her.

For Joanna, her voice has been the wind lifting her head up to the Divine and filling her wings with freedom and liberation. As you listen to her sultry sound, and soulful groovy beats, you just might find yourself starting to unwind, dance, and feel like your panting soul is being resurrected with welcome and authentic acceptance for the story you are living, right here, right now.

Come, and unwind, dear traveler and let the music of Joanna Paz take you for a ride.

P.S. If you are digging the sound of this sultry sister, be sure to check out her full length album crowd support campaign at:'s right, 10 songs full of dreamy sounds and groovy beats).