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Take my reputation, take the compliments, take the nice smiles, take the common sense. Remove me from the pedestal and stand before me, freely its yours and I give you all the glory. -JLloyd

Josiah Lloyd (JLloyd) is an artist that pushes the bounds of the content of today's music, more specifically in the genre of Hip-Hop/Rap. He actively seeks to challenge, inspire, and encourage the youth of today through music that aims to give them a different perspective on life and the world we live in. He uses his music as a blank canvas for expressing his emotions, thoughts, and struggles, and gives listeners art that is transparent but motivates them to live with the purpose that God has given each one of us. JLloyd firmly believes in bringing skilled lyricism combined with a solid message to the genres of Hip-Hop and R&B. His goal is to put 100% effort into every song he makes, have fun while doing it, and give all glory to God. Since giving his life to Christ at a young age, he has always felt a burning passion to reach those with the message of Jesus Christ and transform the lives of the lost. He aims to bring back the true meaning of masculinity and spiritual steadfastness in a generation that has seen a landslide of consistent moral degradation.

Josiah was born and currently resides in the city of Rochester, NY where he has been exposed to Hip-Hop culture on a consistent basis growing up. As a child, he always enjoyed taking the role of the entertainer which eventually lead to his interest in creating his own music after meeting and becoming good friends with Armando Rivas Colon (Nando GVNI). In 2012, at age 15, Josiah wrote his first rap verse that featured on Armando's single "This World FT. CJ-A & Josiah Lloyd." This would only be the beginning of his musical journey as he went to feature on many more tracks and put out more music, working to continually perfect his sound. In 2013, he featured on Nando GVNI's "Let's Pretend (Remix)" music video under his new alias "JLloyd." Later that year, he released his debut iTunes single titled "Pyscho." In 2015, he released his first free EP titled "L1F3 ART" where he was able to work with producers like Asaiah Ziv ( founder of the HIPSAVVY movement) and Tyshane (Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Tedashii), as well as artist like Joey Jewish and Q Tha Miraqle.

In July of 2016, JLloyd released "Truth Music," (remix of Logic's song "Gang Related") which serves as a promise to put out music that is of quality, relevancy, and consistency.

He has continued to publish many more songs and plans on many more going forward.