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Over the years, I've written several love songs and lullabies for my little girls (one or two per album). I've heard countless stories of parents using these songs to soothe their children (and in many cases, themselves) to sleep. My husband, Dave, and I took those stories to heart and intentionally spent most of last year writing and recording a collection of original lullabies for listeners of all ages. We named the record, I Dream of You.

I have so much I want to tell my kids, but it's nearly impossible to get them to sit still and listen! But there's something special about bedtime. My children are especially receptive and vulnerable just before they're tucked in at the end of the day. Dave and I had this in mind as we wrote these songs full of truth, hope and love.

As a companion piece to I Dream of You, we also spent the latter half of 2013 carefully crafting a children's bedtime story, The Golden Feather, with gifted illustrator, Luke Flowers. While the music is for listeners of all ages, we hope the book and record will become a staple at bedtime for children around the world. You can find it at

I hope you enjoy your preview of the first and last track of I Dream of You - the record transitions from the first few upbeat tracks to slower lilting lullabies as eyelids grow heavy.

Thanks for listening!