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Jim Lauderdale blessed us with not one, but two record announcements this month, so we thought it appropriate to celebrate with a quick foray into Lauderdale’s musical history. As a two-time Grammy winner and multi-genre dabbler, Lauderdale is able to carve out space for himself in music worlds both familiar and foreign, and, with a creative legacy spanning nearly three decades, it’s no surprise that his ability to rejuvenate his sound is indomitable.

Jim Lauderdale and Roland White is Lauderdale’s first ever full-length album, originally recorded in 1979. Time Flies, Lauderdale’s newest record, is a return to what he does best: classic Americana infused with striking notes of country and soul. Download “Jim Lauderdale: A History” to check out brand new Lauderdale tracks, plus, a few classics from the past.