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Now on a serious note - I would like to talk about the fucking awesome band JIHAD from Bandung Indonesia. This band has been around for many years - far before the media storm around the religious terminology of 'JIHAD' started. Understandably there are many negative connotations associated with the word JIHAD, which is unfortunate for the band who have no affiliation to, nor do they share the same beliefs of any religious fundamentalist groups. JIHAD is an old-school Death Metal band that have an innate talent for performance and musical mastership and I have no qualms putting them in the same category as DEED OF FLESH, SUFFOCATION, CANNIBAL CORPSE and the like. It's hard not to resist the power that this band emits through their music - especially when performing live. When on stage you just can't get enough of this band - they are brutal, mesmerizing, and captivating... and more is never enough! 2015 will see their latest album 'The Origins of The Rebels Angels' released onto the Australian market. Upon hearing this album we just can't help wanting more people to experience this overwhelmingly impressive masterpiece. So keep your eyes peeled for this most anticipated 2015 release through Xenophobic Records Australia. ?#?WRO666?