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The project began in 2011 with the publication of the "Dark Matter" album. This was a dense atmospheric hard rock album heavily influenced by jazz.

Then "Carnival" came along with a cheerful a more refreshing themes and less jazz, although it was present in some songs.

But in 2014 the time of experimentation was over. It was from "The Whirlpool" album, published that year when this project found what was to be its characteristic sound. "Tournament" and "The Rigel Wars" completed a trilogy defined by the extensive usage of rock organ, some piano, modulated PRS SE Santana electric guitar, and very little jazz (with the exception of the song "The Jazzy Bar" on the Whirlpool album). The style could be defined as a mixture of instrumental symphonic and progressive metal.

Finally, "The Rigel Wars" is conceived as an "opera rock" suitable for a Sci-fi soundtrack of an epic space wars movie or videogame.