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About    Credits    Connect launched in August, 1996 out of a passionate appreciation for Christian music. For two decades, JFH has kept fans informed and engaged, and to help celebrate this milestone, the staff has collected songs (and a little bonus) from 20 artists they love, to share them with everyone. While JFH has released several compilations in recent years, the team wanted to do it a little differently this time. With the help of Noisetrade, all "tips" given to this project -- 100% of all tips - will go directly to Blood:Water Mission, an organization founded by the multi-platinum, GRAMMY® Award winning band, Jars of Clay and activist Jena Lee Nardella with the purpose of partnering with Africa to end the HIV/AIDS and water crises. For more information about Blood:Water, and to read their Chris-centered mission statement, visit

So please join us in giving a little something away. This compilation is our thank-you gift to you, the listener and reader. And we hope it can be used to bless others beyond the boundaries of music.

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