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Jerome has been serving the Lord since 2002. After living a life of drugs, anger, partying, and much more God transformed his life and since Jerome’s life has never been the same. After making music for the world for 7+ years, the Holy Spirit began to show Jerome in 2003 how he could use music to reach people for Christ and build the church. Jerome thought this was backwards because he had never heard of Hip Hop music being used by God. Since that time Jerome moved faithfully with the call and being shaped by leadership in the church. Jerome was happy to find that God had been using many others to do the same worldwide and this provided encouragement and confirmation along the way. “The day I became alive was the day Jesus drew me to Him”-Jerome Jerome started Soundsgood in 2003 and has vision to develop artists and multimedia projects that Share the Gospel, Make Timothy’s, and that always build bridges to extend the reach of the local community of believers (church). Jerome serves in his local church as the Youth Discipleship Director where he launched and developed the discipleship method called Get Rooted. The current project Jerome has released is the “Second Coming”. The theme for the album is “Live today like the last, but prepare for forever”. God showed Jerome to lift Him up and He will draw all men close to Himself. Now currently Soundsgood Ministries is performing the Second Coming Concert Experience which consists of live music, acting, full video, the Gospel, and with each in attendance receiving a CD.