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The breakout success of her self-titled album and single, "Crush", changed Jennifer Paige’s life overnight as it climbed to No. 1 in 16 countries, selling more than 11 million copies worldwide and going 5x-platinum. As soon as her voice hit the airwaves, listener response was overwhelming and critics took notice. “Paige succeeds in the nearly impossible task of oozing smoldering sensuality without resorting to typical groans and moans,” declared Billboard Magazine. “Instead, she uses her notably flexible vocal range to convey the emotion of the tune. As a result, she breathes a refreshing intensity into the song.” Paige went on to release the albums Positively Somewhere, Best Kept Secret and Holiday, and her music has been featured in over 200 TV shows, movies and ad campaigns. She is currently working on the album, Daydreamer. Jennifer Paige makes music with staying power by staying true to the classic elements of great pop: infectious melodies, authentic storytelling and sensational vocals that hit straight to the heart.