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Los Angeles pop songstress Jenni Alpert is a powerful sultry voice who's honest rich songwriting and soothing musical melodies grab listeners in every corner. Adopted at 3 and a half years old; always curious about my biological bloodline. As an adult, I was introduced to a biological family member who has Red Blood Cell Aplasia. When I learned the ins and outs of his condition and how he needed weekly blood transfusions in order to survive, I quickly learned how donating blood makes all the difference in saving a life and I developed a deep appreciation for those who are able and willing to donate blood and for those who help make donating blood possible. The importance and value of blood donations and raising awareness became so clear to me that I decided to create a donating blood awareness music tour called Blood Driven, traveling from blood drive and children's hospitals by day and local venues by night to perform and speak on the value of donating blood to save a life.