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Far away from his southern roots in the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee, Jef Joslin is fulfilling a dream while feeling right at home in Los Angeles, CA. But that doesn’t mean he’s forgotten where he comes from.

As an artist, producer, songwriter and film & tv composer, he blends influences of James Taylor to the songwriting he learned in Nashville, TN, the soulful stylings and groove of Stevie Wonder into production that he sharpened in Atlanta, GA, and sprinkles it all with the Brian Wilson-esque, colorful “California Soul” arrangements he continuously refines. His current release, 30, his 3rd full length album in 3 years, examines life from the perspective of a 30 year old father, husband and artist, pursuing love and purpose in the midst of a tumultuous world. The album examines relevant themes such as bullying, the impact of various religious action, the fall of american icon Bill Cosby, and the internal struggle of an artist trying to provide hope while keeping his art and family afloat. It is raw, honest, but classic and a feeling of timelessness. Jef also produced, recorded, mixed and mastered the album in his home studio in LA. While also sinking his teeth into various projects as an actor and model, this blossoming artistic renaissance man is certainly leaving a defining mark on the entertainment industry. Joslin is currently making his rounds in the LA club scene and surrounding areas.