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These rock and folk influenced songs were written for congregational worship with scriptural themes of identity, justice, unity, love, and grace. This album, "Walk Humbly", begins and ends with a gift. It was made possible by a generous donor who paid for the recording process. Now all proceeds from CD sales are being donated to a social enterprise called JustWork (, an organization that intentionally hires people who struggle to retain jobs because of an understanding that work ideally provides income, camaraderie, skills, and a sense of accomplishment. The provision of work is an aspect of justice, which is one of the themes of this album, most prominent in the song "Act Justly", which is based on Micah 6. Work itself is a gift from God. Finally, the songs on this album were written as a gift for the Church. The hope is that the melodies of these Bible-based songs will help people memorize the Scriptures, internalizing the words and externalizing the truths about life. Liner Notes: Drums and bass recorded by Ben Huntus at Blue Wave Studio. Electric guitar recorded by Jordan Oorbeek at Orbek Music. Vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo, percussion and keyboards recorded by Michael Nowak at Saga Recording. Mixing and additional production by Michael Nowak. Mastering by Craig Waddell at Gotham City Studios. Artwork by Kristel Larson. All songs written by Jeff Hawker. Jeff Hawker: vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo, tambourine, shaker. Arran Baird: electric guitar. Joel Heng-Hartse: drums. Brendan Smoker: bass. Patrick Lo: piano, keyboard. Dianna Smith: vocals. Copyright 2013 Jeff Hawker