From Jed and Claire Seneca

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It did not take Jed Seneca long after he moved from Lafayette, La. to Nashville, TN in 1986 to establish contacts that began to payoff landing his first job working for The Cornelius Co’s, a music publishing/production company on “music row”. Gaining valuable experience creatively as well as in the business side of Nashville’s music scene, He then began to network with veteran songwriters/musicians and hang in the most prominent studios where he eventually began to get more work in a “record quality environment”. Building a reputation among Nashville’s top session players as a “good musician/engineer with a musician’s ear”. Having access to the best session players and studios along with co-writing songs with veteran songwriters/artists proved to be a winning combination as he started producing his own music with wife Claire as a husband/wife duo.

Getting the attention of A&R executives throughout the industry, in 1993 they inked a deal with a Ransom Records, a division of Brentwood Music owned by Zomba. Their first self-titled debut project released in the spring of 1994 yielded four top five singles in which three went to the number one spot. In that same year, they were chosen as one of CCM magazine’s “new faces of the year”. As they received worldwide recognition, they were able to tour extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe and in 1996, they were voted CCMA’s vocal duo of the year. 1999 began a new era re: their career in music in which they went on to help build music teams and train/mentor young musicians throughout the USA. Currently, Jed and Claire reside in southern California and after 20 years have completed and released a new album titled 'Carry You Through'.