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There are some musicians that cannot be casually heard. For the music of Jaye Bartell, background listening just will not do. His is an ethereal folk aesthetic with a misleading simplistic charm. And if your lazy ear is not careful, the result may bring a plague upon your house.

The haunting baritone vocal and its poetic delivery derives more from literary sources than musical ones. Combined with slow and pensive song structures, Bartell’s work calls to mind anything from romance, beauty, trust and hope; to fear, envy, sexuality and violence. That elaborate conflict is the very essence, and why his music holds such a mystique. This is outsider folk with a psychedelic pop bent. On “Loyalty”, his debut LP, Bartell is joined by the stellar lineup of Shane Perlowin (Ahleuchatistas) on electric guitar, Emily Easterly on drums and vocals, J Seeger on bass and Courtney Chappell on vocals. This is a truly powerful and provocative album.

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