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Jay and Abby Akins are singer/songwriters and recording artists from South Atlanta. Jay and Abby love playing with their daughter Aleigha Rose, writing songs together, leading worship weekly at their church and mentoring the next generation of worship leaders.

"All Heaven Sings", Jay and Abby's latest Single, is a corporate worship song written for the Church. Lyrics that join Heaven in celebration of the joy and redemption we find in Jesus. This song is part of the Eagles Landing Music Volume 1. Eagles Landing Music Volume 1 (a 10 song worship collection written by the worship leaders of Eagles Landing Church) can found on iTunes or at eagleslandingmusic.com.

"TRUST", is a Single and title song from Jay and Abby's debut album – eight songs that share the grace-filled message God has been teaching them. Their greatest desire is that, as they lead in worship, people are able to see the love, grace, and truth of the Gospel more clearly. They hold fast to the truth that when God’s word is communicated clearly, hearts are conquered, minds are renewed, and communities are transformed.

"Hope In You", is a Single from Jay and Abby Akins. "Hope In You" is a corporate worship song written for the Church. Lyrics that worship the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and declare the joy and hope only found in God alone.