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When he set out to create his third release, Inky Ovine, Jas was clear that this time it would be different. He didn’t want to watch the clock as his studio minutes disappeared. He despised being bound by a schedule. He only wanted to work, write and create-- no matter what that may entail-- his definitive statement on blues rock, Americana and British Rock.

The foundation for Inky Ovine began in 2012 and was nurtured with the frustration Jas felt from his recently completed EP, Tributaries. Lack of budget left him with limited studio time and the final product fell severely short of his high expectations. Jas was convinced that building a home studio would be the only way to get that which he had always wanted-- unlimited time to create. Each month he saved as much money as was possible to obtain the gear he would require: a microphone this month, a piece of software the next, sound absorption... This continued over two years until recording finally began in June of 2014. He enlisted engineer Brad Bass and dug in for the long haul--doggedly determined to make something of which they would both be proud. To date, they have recorded the six tracks that appear on the EP as well as eight additional tracks which await an as yet to be planned LP release. Besides engineer Bass, the EP was a mostly solo operation.

Jas wrote and played nearly every track on the album with the exception of bass guitar and pedal steel. No producers, no big studios. Just two guys who loved music, working to make something they love come to life. After three years of scrounging, recording and mixing, the music for the EP was finally completed. Jas felt as though he had nished a project which truly reected his ability and vision, at last.

Jas is planning a US Tour for 2016. Thank you for downloading this music!