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At this point in life my wife and I have four boys eight years old and under. We are in a season of singing lullabies to them. For few months we have been singing "new songs" songs over them during bed time. Some of the songs are only a simple verse, some of the songs are prayers (we just sing them), some of the songs are only melodies, but then SOME become full songs. "Rest" is a song that will not leave my mind, heart, and lips. It came out spontaneously as I sang over them one evening.

It really is a unique season (parenting). You learn much about God; I feel like the lullaby (Rest) and the other songs coming in an EP later, are songs from my heavenly Father's heart for me.. and not just for my kids. I rest in His song and presence over me just as much as my children rest in MY presences with them. This song reminds me, as a child, God is Emmanuel (God with us). As one of the lyrics of the songs says: "I am here".