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The landscape of “Islands of My Soul” the debut release from Jason Barrows is as he would describe it. “nostalgic and pretty bedroom pop”

Growing up playing in psychedelic and americana bands in the midwest he spent most of his time shaping blurry sounds to support other bands. After spending time crafting music with fellow midwest songwriter Josh Garrels he started to discover that there was a potential to marry his spirituality and his taste for iconic musical expression. Colored walls of synthesizers and 80’s era new wave guitars break through Barrows stunningly potent lyrics about redemption and the world that we are living in. Mesmerizing dream pop guitar songs like "City of Lost Children" are brought to a gentle hum as he drifts seamlessly into scenic and prayerful ballads like "Promised Land"

“These songs started out as my way to make sense of faith, and over time I used every musical influence that found a home in me to turn each song into it’s own story” The end result takes the listener from hauntingly slow to brightly epic.

In addition to playing on tour this year as Josh Garrels lead guitarist Barrows is proving himself as another rising songwriter hailing from the midwest with that spacious and glimmering heartland sound.