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Have you ever felt like God was standing right next to You? These are the moments Jamie Nunnally seeks to recreate through music.

Jamie has a passion to lead others into the manifest presence of God. “Music is a spiritual medium,” says Jamie. “We perceive and receive music not just with our ears but with our spirits. I believe that as we seek Him in purity and humility, the very glory of God can ride upon the music and effect supernatural change in the hearts of those who listen.”

Jamie’s growing desire is to write worship songs for the body of Christ that can easily be sung in the local church, yet also guide the singer to the throne room of God. “As a local worship leader, I sometimes have trouble finding songs for Sunday morning that are both relevant to corporate worship and spiritually potent. A song may usher in His presence but my local worship musicians can’t recreate it or your ‘average Joe’ conference-attendee can’t sing it. Conversely, some songs are simple enough to recreate and sing but seem lacking in depth. My prayer is to write spiritual anthems for the everyman.”

Jamie’s new EP, Hope Remains, captures his passion for congregational worship. Produced by Jason Hoard (Third Day, Shane & Shane, Fee) and featuring Brian Scoggin (Casting Crowns) on drums, the album drips with passion for God’s presence. “Whether someone is looking for music to play during Sunday morning services, high-octane youth worship, or just music to soak in during their personal worship times, I believe there is something for everyone on this EP. My prayer is that God would use these songs to bless His people and that we, in turn, can use them to bless Him back.”

Currently Jamie serves as Lead Pastor at Victory Fellowship Church in Thomasville, GA. “Our team is not filled with professional musicians or anyone whose name you would want to drop,” he says. “We are simply a team of imperfect believers who love to minister to the Father and spend time with Him.” Jamie’s original songs are in regular rotation in both his home church and travelling ministry. Currently the single “Hope Remains” is being played on dozens of Christian radio stations nationwide. “I’m not really interested in being a worship performer; I just want to be a supplier. My heart is to furnish God’s people with Body-songs they can bless Him with.”