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This EP is truly a blessing to me. It is a story of the many ways that I have encountered God over the years. It took me a while to truly understand exactly what it means to "wait on God". As soon as I discovered my talent and learned a few scriptures, I attempted to place my ministry on a platform. I moved forward, on my own, along with a heavy spirit of comparison, performance, and immaturity. However, by grace, God continued to pull me back, and show me what it means to truly wait on Him. In my waiting and aggressively seeking Him, I was broken and pruned, but also crafted and molded into the Child of God that he has called me to be. He granted me both provision and permission to share my ministry with His Kingdom, and I will continue to wait, aggressively, until He sends me forward. This "Memoir" describes many of the things God revealed to me in my waiting, and it is my prayer that it is both a blessing, and encouragement to you as you wait for God to move while standing in need of whatever your heart desires.

God's Blessings -Jai' Eagle [Isa. 40:31] credits released 18 September 2012 Produced, Engineered, and Mastered by Felix "Fee-Lo" Baker