From Jacob Burrows

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Jacob was born in San Clemente, California and because he was from a

broken home moved several times throughout his childhood. He lived with his dad, grandparents, and an elder from his church in Port Townsend, WA. Jacob's grandma introduced him to Christ and he began his journey with the Lord during that time. Eventually he settled back with his mom in Eureka, CA where he finished High School and discovered a passion for worship and youth ministry.

While in Eureka, the Lord blessed Jacob with a couple youth pastors who mentored him and helped him in his journey. He eventually began leading worship for his church and was offered to be an intern to his mentor and pastor who had moved to Spokane, WA. After he graduated high school (2009), he decided to do the internship and move to Spokane. He was the youth and worship intern there for two years. During this time, he also met his future wife, Brittany, at a young adult group at Real Life Ministries, in North Idaho.

Jacob and Brittany got married in December 2011 and moved a year later to Clarkston, GA to work with refugees and pursue missions and youth ministry. It was while he was there that he was offered a position at a church as the Youth Director. Jacob resigned from the church almost a year later to accept a position with Global Youth Ministry as the Program and Creative Arts Associate. He will be the worship leader for many camps and conferences throughout the year for Global Youth Ministry.