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Jacob Neale has been described as an up and coming musician for long enough. The guy only finished high school a couple of years ago though it seems he's been integral to 'the scene' for ages.

Jacob has a number of feathers in his creative cap, each one a marker of the high profile show's he's played and the high profile acts he's backed. Amongst the biggest of the feathers would be performing as the supporting act for James Morrison, performing at The Kennedy Centre in Washington D.C and providing pre-show entertainment for Elton John and Michael Buble shows.

Jacob will be accompanied on stage by two other whizkids of the Newcastle jazz scene, Jarrod Gibson and Brad Rheinberger. Like Jacob, Jarrod and Brad are well respected local guys making a huge name for themselves domestically due their musical prowess.

Three gentlemen offstage and three monsters on, not to be missed!

Recorded live at NIMA - The Underground, The Grand Hotel

Newcastle, 2014