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It's 2017 and time for a new album from Jack Cade's band The Everyday Sinners, We shortened the name down from the previous releases but the line-up has grown to include a Hammond/Pianist and a slide guitarist. 'Shakedaown' will be released on August 18 2017 on limited vinyl and streaming, with downloads only available through Noisetrade. Keep an eye out for reviews, airplay more information over the coming months.

In 2011 Jack Cade and the Everyday Sinners released their debut album 'This Fiery Road' a collection of 12 songs written over the previous five years by singer and song writer Jack Cade. Of this album Rebel Rod Ames wrote on his 'From Under The Basement' blog - "Take about two cups of Johnny Cash add a dash or two of Tom Waits, and a smidgen of the psychobilly or punk roots that began molding him years ago, and you have Jack Cade."

The 2013 follow up album 'Lord of the empty Manor' was released a track a month on download through the year with a CD release in 2014. Several of the tracks appeared here on NoiseTrade for free.

Jump ahead to 2016 and Jack Cade is released a solo album entitled 'A Murder of Crows'. The release brought together a bunch of new songs and songs that didn't make it onto the previous full band album. Released on 8 April 2016. a number of tracks were be added to Noise Trade to download for free.