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iX-Acht (pr. "I exalt" in English) is a French independent electro-industrial one-man band active since 2010. So far, there have been 13 releases and three LPs. iX-Acht includes elements of aggrotech, trance, rythmic noise and EBM in his music but each release has a master theme framing the overall ambiance. His third album was published for the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution. In December 2018, Lamedh: Exegesis was released in preparation of his fourth album. Albums in bold and compilations in italics:

  • Lamedh: Exegesis (EP, dec. 2018)
  • (R)Avolution: One Hundred Years Ago (LP, nov. 2017)
  • The End of My Tether (MCD, jun. 2016)
  • Deuteronomion: 2011-2012 (compilation, jun. 2015)
  • Street Bodies (MCD, apr. 2014)
  • Had I Died Tomorrow (MCD, dec. 2013)
  • Schadenfreude (EP, jul. 2013)
  • Genesis: 2010 (compilation, jan. 2013)
  • A Noise for a Noise (LP, jan. 2012)
  • Industrial Welfare (EP, jun. 2011)
  • Sceaduwe: Machine Macabre (LP, jan. 2011)
  • She's Making Me Straight (MCD, sept. 2010)
  • This Is Noise! (EP, jun. 2010)
  • Snuff Out (EP, jan. 2010)