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New Single : I'll Change


I know that If I’ll think about it I’ll change

Verse 1

When I’m shaking, moving, twisting in my bed Tryin’ make things clear in my head Can’t seem just to settle my mind Oh tell me did you think about that

When you think about everything we do Like going to work so I can wear these shoes (~) Like what’s the point of all desires of the world Oh tell me did you think about that

Tell me did you think you’d would live this life Without feeding your soul alright? What do you do when the body needs food? Eat tell me did you think about that

After it’s all said and done For a few minutes of fake fun Then they put you 6 feet in the ground Oh tell me did you think about that


Verse 2

Ah man tell me what you trying say Too depressing for me anyway Got to get up early bright in the morning Ahh ahh I can’t think about that

8:30 got pick up my kids Grab a coffee To open my eyelids Thats a nice tune But how am supposed live If I just keep on thinking like that

You see I got find the good in me So my mind can settle and be free That’s the way we choose to live this life Smile and appreciate my wife

My joy is the world of freedom Not a slave I don’t believe them I’ll sing with the little I got And I got just quite a lot


Verse 3

But in the mean time Keep on working struggling with mine Know that dark times eventually shine Thank G-O-D I get to bless on wine

And in the mean time Even though I slip I still climb My o my We just get on through With these words that are o so true

I can’t help if you don’t take the time to think really about How much you wanna rid yourself of doubt If you want it bad enough you’ll shout Now tell me did you think about that

What make a person apply what he knows? What gives him the keys to open closed doors It’s when the heart and mind just touch But don’t think about that too much