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An unabridged and minimally-edited audio version of the book "Interwoven." Parts One and Two are complete and free to download.

Any donations will be put toward the completion of this audiobook project. Thank you for your support!

Written by Russ and Nancy Ebersole Foreward by Dr. Stephen F. Olford.

About the book: Dr. Stephen Olford writes in his foreward, Interwoven is a missionary classic! When you pick it up, you will not put it down until you have finished reading every word. The authors, Russell Ebersole and his wife, Nancy, have crafted an amazing story of vision, passion and action under circumstances that boggle the mind. Read of the wonderful blending of two families after the deaths of their first mates and of the unusual, divine weavings in their lives. Stories include the thrilling rescue of Russ first wife from a Japanese prison camp on the very morning she was to be executed, and the hijacking of Russ and Nancy to communist China in 1971.

Publisher: ABWE Publishing, 2002 Language: English ISBN-10: 1888796294 ISBN-13: 978-1888796292