From Interstellar

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The journey began a couple of years ago in England where songwriter, and british native, Sid Wilson first starting penning new material. Upon arriving on American soil, further songs were written, and subsequently the band came together.

With timeless influences from the likes of Bob Dylan and The Beatles along with more recent legends, Richard Ashcroft and The Stone Roses, Interstellar blend their innovative songwriting with a psychedelic shoegazery, rolling along in their anthemic rock n roll stride.

With shimmering atmospherics, their debut album “Winter Heart” is drenched with an oceanic aesthetic and reverberates with a vintage swagger. The 3rd single “Sold Ya Soul to Feel the Blues” is available now for Free!

“Atlanta based Indie Rock n Rollers have an authentic British snarl delivered from frontman Sid Wilson, ethereal soundscapes fashioned by guitarist Nick Pirtle, and killer backbeats supported by Patrick Reinhardt (drums) and Jon Sheats (bass). Check them out I know they won’t disappoint.” - Eileen Tilson, Atlanta Music Guide